Heroji ulice

Kenan Musić

"Heroes of the Street" is a story about humanity and the story of young people who, with their proactivity and will, have shown themselves how to be a valuable and indispensable part of the system.

The idea for the film appeared during the work of the Volunteer Team in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica and Mostar, when it was decided that the engagement of young people in the most difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic must be screened and shown through the film.

The film features volunteers who took part in the action during March, April and May, as well as some of the 2,000 fellow citizens who contacted the Volunteer Team, who talk about their experiences during the pandemic and the help provided to them. Numerous people who have helped the work of the Volunteer Team, including Ismir Jusko, Bakir Nakaš, Matthew Field, Johann Sattler, Senad Pećanin and many others, will also appear in this film.

Trajanje: 40min

Produkcija: OFF xx CINEA

Raspored prikazivanja
Sarajevo Premiere 27.07.2022. 20:00h