The World A Stage

Ruthie Alekseyev, Kenan Music

History books teach us that an assassination changed the world on 28 June 1914, but what came before the two gunshots in Sarajevo laid the foundation for the collapse of the World of Empires. In a time of rampant assassinations, only one triggered a war.  In a time of changing social mores, one marriage triggered a crisis.  And in a time of rapidly developing warfare advancements, one man became the Spy of the Century.

The World a Stage addresses these three main issues:  assassination, love, and intrigue; but in an entirely new approach.  Who are the directors and who are the actors?  And most importantly, are we still using the same script today?


Trajanje: 52min

Produkcija: CINEA and Red Africa

Raspored prikazivanja
Sarajevo Premiere 03.03.2022. 20:00h